Plant Growth

From That Jesse Bloke

Learning Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Explore what things plants need to live and grow
  • Describe how this can vary from plant to plant

What do Plants Need to Grow?[edit | edit source]

Light, carbon dioxide (which is a gas which comes from the air) and water are used by the plant to make new materials.

These materials are made in the leaves in a process called photosynthesis.

What do Plants Need to Stay Healthy?[edit | edit source]

To stay healthy plants also need small amounts of nutrients and minerals which are small substances which dissolve in water in the soil.

Water and nutrients are taken up into the plant via the roots.

If plants don't get the water and nutrients they require they can become thin and spindly and go a yellowy colour.

Fertiliser can be added to the soil to add further nutrients which is why it's used by gardeners and farmers to help keep plants strong and healthy.

What do Different Plants Need to Live & Grow?[edit | edit source]

Different plants have different preferences for where they like to grow, marram grass for example likes to grow on sand dunes where there is very little water. On the other hand pond lilies grow on ponds where there roots can dangle in the water.

Oak trees are very tall with its roots spreading far under the ground to help keep it anchored against strong wind. The roots also have little branches which help make sure the tree can take up enough water.

Carrots on the other hand as a small plant do not need deep roots. Instead they have a large thick root underground which is where they store their food.