The National Trust Bath Skyline Walk

Lately I’ve spent a lot of weekends venturing out of my flat only to pop to the shops and maybe a walk round the block (and that doesn’t amount to much of a walk around here) so for this weekend I was after something a little bit different.

And then I remembered that Rachel Ward quite often posts pictures to Twitter copying the user @NTBathSkyline. Now I LOVE Bath and so naturally wondering what this was about I did a bit of investigation this week.

This is the National Trust Bath Skyline walk, a 6 mile round walk through the fields and woodland lying to the side of Bath with amazing views which overlook the Georgian city.

Rather than talk about it I’ll share my favourite photos from the day (I think I picked the right day to go as my Hay fever didn’t cause me any grief! :D)

Lets start with a few snaps of the roughly 1 mile walk from the centre to the start of the walk on Bathwick Hill, past a canal and up a hill.


Bathwick Hil

And then the walk begins and we see the first of many views (apologies for my lack of photography skills at this point!)

NT Bath Skyline View

How about a picture of a raindrop???


And then another view of the city…

NT Bath Skyline View

A bit of a wooded walk…

Wooded Walk

And some flowers…



And then a bit more walking…


And don’t forget the animals – you’ll pass cows, sheep and a um, dogs and cat rehoming centre…


Ahh, yes – I think I promised views…

NT Bath Skyline View

It’s only fair you get to take a break – you’ve been walking for a while now…

Take A Break

And admire the view…

NT Bath Skyline View

But don’t forget to take a (very) short detour and visit Sham Castle!

Sham Castle

The walk is now almost over, but have you got time for one more view?

NT Bath Skyline View

Of course I was in Bath and so with a mere half hour to spare before they closed I popped into Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights…

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights

And happily bought these…


I guess this is really another reason I really should just move to Bath 🙂