Thanks for visiting That Jesse Bloke, as you’re reading this page I’m guessing you’re interested in sending me a book to review.

At the moment I’m now running a closed review policy due to the number of books I currently have to review (including books I’ve bought myself – hey, I’m a slow reader! 🙂 )

This doesn’t mean I don’t accept review copies but it does mean I am currently only accepting review copies from traditional publishers I already work with and even then I will be very selective about what I actually accept / request to be fair to everyone.

I don’t promise anything

If you do decide to send me a book please be aware that I can’t promise I will review everything I receive and that I don’t review books to a schedule. I read what I feel like reading when I feel like reading it which does very often mean my reviews are not lined up with publication date – this helps me try to avoid any pre-publication hype building my expectations up too high. Of course there is always going to be that book that I just have to read right now!

What I review

I always say that I review a random mix of books across a reasonably wide range of genres and I’m prepared to try most genres of books (I have a strong preference for contemporary at the moment). I do however generally avoid fantasy and science fiction as it tends to be a bit hit and miss for me – though Dancing Jax is one I do highly recommend!

Self Published / eBook?

I know I’ve mentioned it above but I thought I’d highlight, I really don’t review self published books – I have to keep the number of books I request down and this is one way I can. I do have a Kindle but it gets used about once a year and always via Netgalley.

Contact Me

If after reading my waffle you’d still like to contact me for any reason (I can’t think why) you can reach me at