Running Out Of Space…

Books are covering almost every available space, even the new bookshelves are almost full so I thought it was a great time to ask the very important question – what to do with the books you no longer have room for?

This post was inspired by a letter (I know snail mail is still in use for non-bookish deliveries :D) I recently received from the charity shop, Sue Ryder. It told that for my donations (last year, which mostly consisted of books, DVDs and CDs) raised just over £45 – I was in shock (I knew it was two bags for life full of stuff but to raise £45 was a lot more than I expected).

Actually, donating to the charity shop was the fourth stop on my book clear out – I started by giving away proofs and ARCs to any blogger that wanted them (I’ve kept any that no-one wanted). Then my sister had a rummage through them – our bookish tastes are generally very different – she’s far more likely to be seen reading the classics than me – but she gave four or five of them a go (and now wants to read Pandemonium (she has good taste :D))!

The third stop was my old school library, now due to limited space they only take books that are on the Accelerated Reader Program (which I think is a fab scheme by the way) which left me with an ample amount to take to the charity shop 😀

What do you do with your books when space becomes an issue?

  1. I usually either donate them to thrift shops/libraries in the area, or put them up on PaperbackSwap, so that I can request some of the older PB’s that I haven’t read and would like to.

    (I’m a new follower of your blog, BTW– got sent here by YA YeahYeah’s interview– and I just wanted to say that it’s pretty epic. I love your layout :D)

  2. Thanks Em *waves*

    Ooh! I haven’t heard of PaperbackSwap *runs off to check* :)

    Susan – It is very hard to part with them but sometimes space forces us to :(

    Chloe – I hadn’t thought about taking them to a hospital!

  3. Im currently awaiting payday so I can go buy a new bookshelf just so I dont have to get rid of my books… but thats not the right answer is it?! lol

    I generally share my books out… my sister has two huge piles of my books at hers, then my friends little sister has about 10 of mine which she’s currently reading and I’ve got a few at other friends’ houses… I give all the ones I dont want to read again to the library or to others who I know will love them!

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