Review: The Fury

Author: Alexander Gordon Smith

Publisher: Faber & Faber (5th April 2012)

Pages: 535

ISBN: 978-0571276165

From Amazon
Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you. Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent on killing you – and only you. Friends, family, even your mum and dad, will turn on you. They will murder you. And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened. The world has the Fury. It will not rest until you are dead. Cal, Brick and Daisy are three ordinary teenagers whose lives suddenly take a terrifying turn for the worst. They begin to trigger a reaction in everybody they meet, that makes friends and strangers alike want to tear them to pieces. These victims of the Fury – the ones that survive – manage to locate each other. But just when they think they have found a place to hide from the world, some of them begin to change . . . They must fight to uncover the truth about the Fury before it’s too late. But it is a truth that will destroy everything they know about life and death.

I’m not sure I can entirely put into words my feelings for The Fury – it’s nothing like any other book I’ve read and yet it’s gripping, engaging and I. Want. The. Storm. Right. Now! (That’s book two by the way 😉 )

So I guess I should tell you a little bit about it! 😀 The Fury follows a group of young teens who suddenly and unexplainably become hit targets. Anyone they come into contact suddenly turn on them – parents, friends and complete strangers all of a sudden have a desire to kill them.

And. Nothing. Gets. In. There. Way! They don’t give a monkey about the odd bone hanging at an odd angle or a bleeding nose – they are completely and utterly relentless until the person they’ve turned on is dead! Or until the target gets out of there radar – at which point they revert back to normal and don’t understand why there are bits of exposed bone sticking out of them!

It follows three main characters – Brick, Cal and Daisy – who is my favourite, she has this innocence about her which I loved amidst all the drama! We encounter a whole other host of characters on both sides and I was really impressed how Alexander managed to give each of the characters from such a large cast a unique personality.

I loved how the scope of the story expanded as it went on – moving from what feels like an isolated case to very quickly a few cases and then something much larger and infinitely more dangerous for the world which will be the focus of the next book. Of course this did create the problem where there is a massive question lingering which opened up half way through the book and which was never resolved.

The Fury is an action packed, mystery full of supernatural twists which sucked me in and didn’t let go – The Storm cannot arrive fast enough! 😀

Thanks to Faber & Faber for sending me a copy


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