Review: Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire

Author: Tim Collins

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd (20th May 2010)

Pages: 222

ISBN: 978-1-84317-458-5

Nigel has got to be one of the unluckiest vampires around, he was transformed at the age of 15 almost 100 years ago and was granted none of the normal perks that go hand in hand with being a member of the great undead. Did he get the dazzling good looks of Edward in Twilight? No. How about the brilliant powers of Damon in the Vampire Diaires? Think again.

He got the raw end of the deal and to make matters worse he suffers from acne (and has done since he was transformed), is socially akward and he’s worried that his parents might accidently eat one of his friends – all of which doesn’t really help when he’s trying to sink his fangs into the love of his life, Chloe’s neck.

I think we can tell from the above that Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire (or should we call it Nigel’s Diary) is nothing like any Vampire book I’ve ever read before, when I first saw the summary it just made me want to read it there and then and the style of writing feels like it could have been written by a frustrated 15 year old vampire.

It’s presented in a diary format, unlike the Vampire Diaries which cuts from diary to narration. With well drawn cute sketches throughout which adds to the humour and laugh out loud moments that comes from Nigels remarks towards his parents as he gets increasingly frustrated by their actions or favouritism to his sister. (Nigel refers to the vampire’s that transformed him as his parents).

The plot takes some interesting turns and I found myself thinking after reading more than one of Nigel’s entries that is exactly how I felt at school (although of course I’m not a vampire – at least I don’t think so).

This isn’t the Vampire Diairies but it does offer a new take on vampire society and mythology, in this story they can’t for example turn into bats (where would the bones go?) but if you are after a funny lighthearted read which touches on first love then this is it after all ‘the undead have feelings too.’

I’m just left with one question – is there going to be a sequel? (I hope so!)

Thank you to Michael O’Mara Books Ltd for sending me a copy to review.

3 thoughts on “Review: Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire

  1. one heck of a thrill ride (for nigel that is)

  2. its a copy of twilight!

  3. Trust me – Twilight it is not!

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