Review: Adventures Of A Wimpy Werewolf

Author: Tim Collins

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd (6th October 2011)

Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-1843178569

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Luke Thorpe is a fifteen-year-old wimp. Excellent at maths and terrible at sport, he’d rather keep his head down and get on with his schoolwork. Yet, mysterious and uncontrollable changes in his behavior and appearance – patches of hair growing rapidly, howling rather than singing the hymns in assembly, sudden growth spurts causing his clothes to rip off – are threatening to rocket him out of obscurity. Join Luke on a journey of discovery, embarrassing mishaps and hilarity as he gets to the bottom of his werewolf roots, joins a pack, and finds himself en route to war against the vampires (whose number include a rather wimpy, but familiar face) …

Warning: Adventures of a Wimpy Werewolf is the third in the Wimpy Vampire Diary series and I may inadvertently give away bits and pieces from the first and second books – you have been warned!

So far we’ve read the diaries of Nigel and been well and truly introduced to the world of the wonderfully wimpy side of the supernatural. Wanna meet another? This time around we meet Luke and follow his story as he begins to discover things are becoming a little weird around him and his body.

As you’ve probably already guessed by now Luke is becoming a werewolf, I’m not going to tell you how or anything (I wouldn’t do that to you 😉 ) but the first part of the story is largely about and how he finds out and comes to turn with his new condition – it is hilarious. Luke’s reactions to what is happening are priceless – these changes which are happening in embarrassingly awkward situations make for such fun and cringe worthy reading.

There is however a lot more to this story than just finding out you’re a werewolf, all I’m going to say is that Nigel and Chloe return making a firm connection to the previous two books and fans of Nigel’s bad poetry won’t be let down as even in Luke’s diary it somehow manages to squirm its way in. I actually think over the course of the three books Nigel’s poetry is getting marginally better. 😀

I can’t finish this review without mentioning the drawings – they’re as fun and lively as ever. The style of this diary is a little different from the previous two, for a start the font used is different and for the first time this diary shows emails allowing us to hear a few of the other characters speak for themselves which is a nice little enhancement.

Overall, it’s a fab little diary which I think will have young and old laughing / giggling in inappropriate places *ahem – the office – ahem* 😀

Thanks to Michael O’Mara Books for sending me a copy to review

3 thoughts on “Review: Adventures Of A Wimpy Werewolf

  1. I enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Vampire and I noticed Prince of Dorkness on the shelves…But now he’s done one for werewolves? Must read this some time…Thanks for the heads up

  2. Great news. Is there going to be another book in the diary of the wimpy vampire series?

  3. As far as I know this is the last one in the series

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