Eek! I’m Saving For A Mortgage (Well, A Deposit!) & Welcome To My Brain

Okay, time for a bit of a change of direction on this blog – it’s going to once again become my main blog and I will eventually bring back my reviews so it’s all centralised in one place again.

But in addition to books I’m also going to start blogging about other things including saving money – mainly as in the last few months I’ve decided I want to buy a flat (rather than rent).

I’m currently back with my parents thanks to my previous landlord deciding to sell the flat I was in but this has freed up a considerable amount of my income which has been being diverted into my savings account (well, I call it a saving account – it’s actually several accounts – a help to buy, one regular saver and a current account (which pays a higher rate of interest than most savings accounts).

So I’ll use this blog as a way of making sure I’m always doing something to increase the amount of cash I have available to put away towards this including saving tips I find and ways to earn extra money.

I’ll also use this blog to talk about the books I love, any interesting days out or places, photography and anything else I can think of – in other words welcome to my brain, I’m a little bit random! 🙂

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