The Bristol Shaun In The City Roundup #3: The Final F-Ewe

Call off the shepherds, the sheep have been found.

Yes, the Bristol Shaun in the City trail has come to an end and I am extremely late in posting this but I couldn’t resist finishing up and posting the final f-ewe hehe.

First up is the Brunel trail… backwards 🙂

Brunel Trail

Bloomin’ Gorge-ous by Professor Alice Roberts, located at Christchurch Green
Bloomin' Gorge-ous

The Shear Speed Helter Skelter by Gav Strange, located at The Mall Gardens
The Shear Speed Helter Skelter

And now we’re on route to my favourite places in Bristol – trust me it’s in the background (although you can’t actually see it as I’ve managed to crop it out hehe) whilst we admire…

Wish Ewe Were Here by Josh & Aimee Williams, located at Avon Gorge Hotel
Wish Ewe Were Here by Josh & Aimee Williams

Now that’s more like it – the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the background and a Shaun up front and personal…

Baa-lloon by Jenny Urquhart, located at Sion Hill
Baa-lloon by Jenny Urquhart

A Sheep’s Eye View by Paul Bowles, located at Clifton Observatory
A Sheep's Eye View by Paul Bowles

And then we went across the bridge… the one and only Clifton Suspension Bridge – I mean how can you not take a photo of the view – especially when it was so nice. Shame about the maintenance work though!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

On the other side of the bridge we meet…

Isambaaard by Tim Miness, located at Clifton Suspension Bridge
Isambaaard by Tim Miness

Flora by Brittany Molineux, located at Ashton Court Estate (by Golf and Cycle Hub)
Flora by Brittany Molineux

And now for one I’ve shown you before, also at the Ashton Court Estate. This was taken during the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

Buttercup by Vivl Cuevas, located at Ashton Court Estate

Buttercup by Vivl Cuevas

Going off the Trail

A week or so later I was back on the trail to sweep some of the missed Shauns from across the centre, starting with…

Lamb Chop by Duncan Craig, located Outside Bristol Bus Station
Lamb Chop by Duncan Craig

Maisy and Friends by Lucy Cousins, located Outside Bristol Children’s Hospital
Maisy and Friends by Lucy Cousins

Now for the first of two really local ones…

Melonie by Phil West, located at Fountain Square, Staple Hill
Melonie by Phil West

And look out for the TARDIS when we visit…

Buddleia by Sarah-Jane Grace, located at the Warmley Waiting Room
Buddleia by Sarah-Jane Grace

Southbank Trail

Those central and local sheep all wrapped up it was time for a new day of Shaun hunting and this trail took us through Bedminster and up to the home of Bristol City football club – Ashton Gate Stadium. So without further ado lets begin with…

Championsheep by Timmy Wilmott, located at Ashton Gate Stadium
Championsheep by Timmy Wilmott

Posy by Gabrielle Ruffle, located at Riverside Garden Centre
Championsheep by Timmy Wilmott

Jasmine by Liz Clayton, located at 291 North Street
Jasmine by Liz Clayton

A brief panic where the thought occurred “is the swimming pool closed on a Sunday.” Fortunately, yes is the answer and it was time to get out violins out for…

Shear-lock Holmes by Laura Cramer, located at Bristol South Swimming Pool, Dean Lane
Shear-lock Holmes by Laura Cramer

And finally…

Shaunnus Romanus by Ian Marlow, located at Victoria Park, Somerset Terrace entrance
Shaunnus Romanus by Ian Marlow

Farmyard Flock

Moving on our attention must turn to the farmyard flock – 1 hour 20 minutes to find just 3 sheep … unless you discover the little shortcut, well little is an understatement (it cuts out a large loop!)

Sparkles the Unicorn by Emily Golden, located at Horfield Common
Sparkles the Unicorn by Emily Golden

Fans of bake off will love this one designed by the artist who draws all of the pictures showing the bakers bakes in the bake off. So it’s only natural Tom designed…

Star Bake by Tom Hovey, located at Boston Tea Party
Star Bake by Tom Hovey

Primrose by Henning Lohlein, located St Werburghs City Farm
Primrose by Henning Lohlein

The Final F-Ewe

And so we’re almost at the end of the trail – a final push to find the final f-ewe, numbers 69 and 70. With lots and lots of stamps Number 69 was…

Frank designed by Royal Mail, located at Broadwalk Shopping Centre
Frank designed by Royal Mail

And now *drum roll please* for number 70…

Two Hoots by Maria Burns, located at Snuff Mills Park, River View
Frank designed by Royal Mail

So that’s it (all be it rather belated) all 70 of the Bristol Shaun in the City sheep, across all the trails (and a few that aren’t exactly on trails). Not to mention the bonus Shaun’s in the mall designed by local schools.

If you’ve missed any of this series or want a recap you can check out my previous posts – part 1 and part 2. Together with this post they form a complete list of the Shaun’s involved in the Bristol Shaun in the City trail!

4 thoughts on “The Bristol Shaun In The City Roundup #3: The Final F-Ewe

  1. I’ve really enjoyed these posts Jesse 🙂 it looks like you had a lot of fun finding all the Shauns & they all look brilliant!

    • They were so much fun to find, just a shame I didn’t get to London to see those ones as well!

  2. These are just fantastic. Your photos are amazing and great use of puns as well 😉

    • hehe, a lot of the puns were recycled from the Shaun in the City emails (I couldn’t resist using them).

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