The Bristol Shaun In The City Sheep Roundup #1

It’s officially started, the Bristol leg of the Shaun in the City art trail.

On the 6th July the remaining 70 large painted Shauns appeared all over Bristol (the first 50 appearing in London earlier in the year). Spread across the city in a range of themed trails which makes fab and affordable days out for youngsters as well as kids at heart.

With this in mind this is The Bristol Shaun In The City Sheep Roundup #1: Temple Trail, Harbourside Trail and a few extra Shaun’s thrown in for good measure. A few did get missed off the Harbourside trail but I’ll pick these up later.

Before we get on, this series of posts is going to be very photo heavy with not a lot of words! With that little disclaimer out of the way here we go…

Ready? Sheep Spotting app installed and map in pocket Lets kick off with the Temple Trail which starts from, anyone? Temple Meads Train Station. 🙂

Temple Trail

Alright Me Babber, created by Susan Taylor, located at Temple Meads Station Approach:
Alright Me Babber

The Bristol Express, created by Tim Sutcliffe, located at Temple Meads Station Approach:

The Bristol Express

Great West Shaun, created by Tim Sutcliffe, located at Temple Quay, Temple Back East
Great West Shaun

Rosie, created by Jaqueline Anne Harper, located at Valentines Bridge, Temple Quay:Rosie

Bingo, created by Orla Joan Handley, located at DAS House, Quay Side:

Sheepish, created by Wayne Hemingway, located at Temple Church Gardens:

Willow, created by Rhiannon Southwell, located at St Mary Redcliffe ChurchWillow

Oh and if you’re wondering what the church looks like (it’s pretty impressive in real life) here you go…

St Mary Redcliffe

And now keeping an eye on things making sure us sheep spotters don’t get carried away please be upstanding for…
Justice Lamb, created by Mike Ogden, located at Queen Square

Justice Lamb

King of the Carnival, created by Lou Boyce, located at Queen Square

King of the Carnival

And that concludes the Temple Trail 🙂

Bonus Shauns

These Shauns are part of other trails but I came across them on route to find lunch so nabbed them on route! Starting with…

Bagpuss Shaun, created by Peter Firmin, located at Cabot Circus

Bagpuss Shaun

TV didn’t always use to be available all day and it appears this Shaun is having a nap…

Please Stand By, created by Timmy Willmott, located at The Broadmead Podium
Please Stand By

Shaun on the Cob, created by Katie Wallis, located at 78 Broadmead
Shaun on the Cob

Cecila, created by Laura Ashley, located at The Galleries

Knitwit, created by Adrian Barclay, located at Castle Park (aka grazing outside of Bristol Pride)

Lily, created by Laura Cramer, located at Lower Castle Street

Woolly Wonderland, created by Vicky Harrison, located at St Nicholas Market
Woolly Wonderland

And the last of the bonus Shauns (for now anyway)…

Honey, created by Amy Timms, located at St Stephens Church

On route to the …

Harbourside Trail

This is probably one of my most walked routes around Bristol, I walk a small part of it every day before work and this trail follows the entire beautiful trail around Bristol Harbourside, which includes the SS Great Britain and Aardman Animations. Ready? Good – on we go 🙂

Beach Boy, created by Mike Ogden, located at Cascade Steps

Beach Boy

Green Poems for a Blue Planet, created by Martin Kiszko & Nick Park, located at Bristol 2015 Lab
Green Poems For A Blue Planet

Air Fleece, created by Jacqueline Anne Harper, located at Canon’s Marsh Ampitheatre (or near it anyway!)
Air Fleece

On the Waterfront, created by Abigail McDougall, located at Hotwells Road
On The Waterfront

And onto the Pump House (previously the Pump Room) who have a similar design to the last time round, introducing…

Jarsberry Ram, created by Simon Tozer, located at The Pump House

Jarsberry Ram

Sgt. Shephard, created by Shaun in the City Team, located at Baltic Wharf
Sgt. Shepherd

And now onto the building which houses one of my favourite ever companies (and always sends a slight thrill down my spine when I go past it on Gas Ferry Road) – the home of Wallace and Gromit, Morph, Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run – it can only be Aardman Animations where we find…

Lotus, created by Richard Starzak, located at Aardman Animations

The Pirate Captain, created by Mike Ogden, located by M Shed
The Pirate Captain

Looks like he might have his eye on the Matthew…

The Matthew

A slight diversion from the trail to locate…

Bahhbersheep, created by Gav Strange, located at Wapping Wharf

And back on track we now find…

Shaun Bean, created by Nigel Leach, located at Narrow Quay
Shaun Bean

I did miss the last two Shaun’s off of this trail as the light was starting to go but I’ll get them soon, but to finish off this trail I have to showcase this…

The Energy Tree

It’s called The Energy Tree and is located outside of @Bristol. Its leaves are made out of solar panels and can be used to charge phones and mobile devices using the electricity the tree generates. Oh and it’s also a WIFI hotspot! It was designed by artist, John Packer and Demand Energy Equality and was built by John with the help of recovering addicts from the Bristol Drugs Project.

Cribbs Causeway

Last weekend as the Harbour Festival was on in the centre I decided to venture further afield for a spot of sheep spotting – these sheep are from the Cribbs Causeway area.

Bee-Dazzled, created by Sunny Warrington, located at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

Shrek Shaun, created by DreamWorks, located at The Shaun in the City Shop

Shrek Shaun

Whilst at the shop you can’t not take a look at the Shaun’s painted by local schools, they might be smaller in scale but they could easily qualify for a place on the trail. Let’s take a look down at the farm…

Down On The Farm

Oh. My. Gosh. Isn’t Sea Diving Shaun adorable! LOVE IT! 🙂
Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

Okay, back to trail Shauns and we move onto my favourite one so far, doesn’t he look scrummy…

Fab-ewe-lous, created by Carys-ink, located at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

Starstruck, created by Richard Williams, located at Bristol Parkway Station

So that’s my first Shaun in the City wrap up post – we’re now about two weeks into the trail and so far I’ve found 31 of the 70 scattered around Bristol.

The Bristol trail continues until the end of August, after which there will be an exhibition with all 120 Shauns from both the Bristol and London trails on the 12th-20th September in Cribbs Causeway. A week later on the 24th-27th September all 120 Shauns will be in a London exhibition in the Covent Garden Piazza.

Then all 120 Shauns will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal (the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity) which supports sick babies and children in Bristol, across the south west region and further afield.

For further information please visit the official Shaun in the City website and don’t forget to check back here for the next Shaun In The City Sheep Roundup.

3 thoughts on “The Bristol Shaun In The City Sheep Roundup #1

  1. I love this post Jesse! I didn’t manage to find many of the London Shaun’s before they were removed & I doubt I’ll make it to Bristol so it was great to look through your pics!

    I didn’t realise all the Shaun’s were going to be in London at the end of the trails, I’ll have to try & visit them 🙂

    • I thought you found quite a few of them from your Instagram photos?

      I’m hoping to find all 70 of the Bristol ones – was so happy though when I saw that all of the Bristol and London Shaun’s will be in an exhibition – I wasn’t expecting to be able to see the London ones 🙂

      • I didn’t go specifically looking for them so I only found 6 or 7 when I was in London for other things. I do like these trails though 🙂 Kirsty & I are going hunting for go go dragons in Norwich over the summer which should be fun

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