In Which I Finally See Billy Elliot The Musical

This has been a long time coming. A very long time coming.

Billy Elliot has been on my list of musicals I’ve wanted to see for years, always there but another show kept turning up and taking it’s place when looking at what to see next. Shows which might not stay in the West End long enough for me to see them if I don’t see them right now.

But for the first time although Billy Elliot wasn’t the only show I wanted to see (dying to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and watch Les Mis again) but it was the musical I was most desperate to see and fortunately the tickets matched my budget at the right time (which was lucky as I booked the ticket quite last minute for me!)

So last Thursday I made the coach trip to London, went for a little wander along Victoria Embankment and saw a familiar bridge.

Millenium Bridge

And then walked on said familiar bridge…

Millenium Bridge

Fortunately there were no dementors around 🙂

After a bit of a rush back I was outside my favourite London theatre – the Apollo Victoria Theatre….

Apollo Victoria Theatre

*ahem* fortunately this just across the road from the Victoria Palace Theatre. I was ready for the show to begin…

Victoria Palace Theatre

Billy Elliot if you didn’t know is the story of a boy who discovers he wants to dance but set against the strikes in the mines a boy who wants to dance isn’t the kind of thing that goes down particularly well.

It was amazing. Perfect. Brilliant. Superb. Incredible.

Okay, okay – I’ll stop now.

As you might have guessed Billy Elliot is much more dance heavy than other musicals, I mean what other show will you see police and miners in an epic dance battle with young girls and Billy having a ballet lesson in the middle.

Talking about the young cast, they were superb and brought a fun and bright side to the show – and I have to give a massive shout out to the boy who played Michael (I wish I remembered his name!) – he was so much fun – I can’t picture the show without him! 🙂

Which brings me to another point that the show has elements which would fit right at home in a modern contemporary story – it shows the miners strikes from the eyes of a young person and how they effect the whole family.

I’ve been listening to the cast recording for months already so I knew the music was superb but seeing the show really brings it to life.

Oh and don’t ignore the seats at the front of the theatre because of their restricted view marker – I was in seat B22 which is the very front row on the left side of the stalls. It’s marked as restricted view because of the very high stage but really – the view is fine and for little more than £20 you can hardly go wrong.

Though I’m sure I kept catching several members of the casts eye – though I hope I’m imagining it! Eek!

Overall, an awesome show – if you haven’t seen it – what are you waiting for?

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