Well, that’s quite a statement to start a blog with.

I’m Jesse and I’ve decided more for interest than anything else that I would like to create a game in scratch. This is in no small part because I stumbled across the Handmade Hero stream on YouTube but also because this goal lines up with probably my favourite programming language – C.

The Story So Far

Up till this point the focus has been largely about getting the Win32 platform layer to a place where we can use it to start prototyping the game so there’s not been a huge amount to report on.

I did setup a YouTube channel with the aim to track the progress but I’m not that great at making videos – still it does show the development of this layer. I use the word development very loosely as it’s so far a direct copy of Handmade Hero and I expect large parts of it will be the same for quite some time.

For this reason I will not be sharing any of the code and the game will not be available to play until the source code for Handmade Hero hits the public domain which is expected to be 2 years after the code is complete (and if it ends up being too much like it I probably won’t bother releasing the exe – for me this is more educational than anything else – as put simply I’m fascinated by what goes into making a game… tick.

So far we have a prototype Win32 layer (which is kind of awkward as I have a mac so it’s running on Parallells!) – this layer can render a gradient, output sound (although this is still a bit buggy), detect mouse coordinates and mouse clicks, detect keyboard events and gamepad events.

Plus some really cool things which allows the game code to be hot loaded so edits can be made and once compiled the executable can reload the DLL and the changes update instantly (at least when it works!). On top of this the game can record inputs and the game state so allow us to record a section and play it back and tune the code – all without needing to exit the game. How cool is that?!?

Life RPG

I’ve code named the game Life RPG and I kind of see it as a mix between an RPG and The Sims although the exact form this will take I’m not quite sure yet.

Stay tuned and all will be revealed 🙂